Where it all began...


Andrew had the vision of doing good… 


To do good to your tastebuds.

Our bowls are the result of a rigorous trial and error process that has

resulted in one of the most unique and delicious food experiences around. 


To do good to your body.

We can trace our ingredients right to the source, be it the ground it was grown on or the sea it was caught in.

The highest quality fresh ingredients makes poké the best fuel for the body and mind.


To do good to the community, and the environment.

Our fish is all line-caught in Cape Town’s swimming pool. Our vegetables are found in Cape Town's back garden, and come from an NPO project that aims to alleviate poverty by empowering locals to grow the best organic produce around.

It is all sustainable, and supports the livelihood of many local fisherman and farmers alike. 


As you can see, we at the Poké Co. invest in ‘good’,

and every time you buy one of our bowls you do too!

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